If you can’t handle me randomly blurting out song lyrics that relate to what you just said, we can’t be friends

by fall out boy ft panic at the disco

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Infrared Photography by David Keochkerian

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{ breathe }

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~ George Orwell


Frozen Venice at Night ✨

by Robert Jahns (nois7)

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Frozen EchoMikko Lagerstedt


Starting to think that sunrises are better than sunsets


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Chicago, IL
Jeff Fiilman


Steep Curves - A Moonset at El Matador, Malibu Ca (by ™ Pacheco) Strange day. I woke with an overwhelming sense of melody clogging up my brain this morning as I transcended down into civilization. Ever wake up and wonder, or hope for that matter, that their just might be a huge messy turn up ahead? With a dramatic view of course. Ever wonder if everything happened exactly as it should? Perfectly? For a reason. When i look at this image I hardly even see color today... i just hear the digital hiss of nature and the low messy unplanned rumble of wave frequency crash...blessed with memories, i still see and hear the swarms of flies barreling past my ears hugging the decayed cliffs as they race and dodge thru the sea mist in truly majestic form... in a grand and unstoppable unison... frequently colliding with my head as I randomly peek out into the moon filled void.... this moment was deafening.... on a DB scale, a stormy pacific ocean shoreline is a lot louder than you often remember.... it's all one and zeros to me lately. Saturation: Amplitude. Black and White: Rhythm. Color: Melody. Composition: Arrangement. Subject: Lyric. Feeling: Mode. All to often as of late I feel like I'm a second away from stumbling onto something I've been searching for my whole life, but yet I may never figure it out in time. I wonder what’s up ahead. Steep curves for sure. My intuition says "hold on". Its a great time to be an artist. Figuring out what to create is half the battle.


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